Pat's Character

Fighter - been known to enjoy an evening murder for his own moral purposes.


I was born in a small farming village a few miles outside of Balders Gate. When I was six I was orphaned when my parents were killed in an orc raid on our village. When the guards from Balders Gate arrived I was one of only four survivors. They took me to live in the city and shortly there after entered me into the training school for the guards of Balders Gate.

By the time I was ten they began training me to be more than a typical guard. I know longer attended the school for guard training, they made it seem that I was removed for disciplinary reasons. Instead I was trained by a small group of specialized instructors to be the unseen arm of the law of Balders Gate. After many years of training, and fighting alongside these instructors in far away lands, and the darker portions of Balders Gate, I was awarded my own unit.

My unit, consisted of four members including myself. We were used to persuade groups or individuals who were conducting business or activities contrary to the wishes of Balders Gate. That is why in some of the darker sections of the city I am known as the Messenger. We did many different types of missions, from simple intimidation all the way to assassination of those who did not respond to our persuasion. In most instances we were not stealthy or quite, but more brutal and forward with our approach to this manner of business.

The mission that ended my affiliation with Baldurs Gate was most treacherous. My unit had been watching a small group of smugglers who were interrupting important trade routes into Baldurs Gate. We had been watching them for a few weeks gathering information and waiting to strike a certain deathblow to their organization. The night we were to raid their hideout, everything was normal until we walked in the door. Instead of the five smugglers we expected to find in there, there were twenty five well trained mercenaries waiting for us. My group was slaughtered, and I barely escaped with my life, by taking one of the mercenaries hostage and fleeing back to our safe house. After some torturous interrogation of him, I found out that a captain of the guards had been involved in the protection of these smugglers, and had tipped them off to my units impending assault. I gathered some more evidence and brought the misdeeds of this captain to my superiors. They told me that they couldn’t take action against him because of certain relationship he had with the rules of Baldurs Gate.

I immediately began plotting my revenge. One night after I waited for him at his home, when he arrived I busted the door down and proceeded to pummel him mercilessly. When all was said he died a few days later and I was brought up on charges. My superiors were able to spare my life, and my standing within the ranks of the guards of Baldurs Gate, but I was asked to relinquish the command of my unit, and was relieved of any guard responsibilities to the city.

So currently I live above a bar in Baldurs Gate, where I spend most of my time waiting for some new chapter in my life to unfold. I miss the action and the rush of combat, and thirst for it to be a part of my new life. But instead I am loud, boisterous and drunk.


Pat's Character

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