A brief background of Tarnish-Lo or Ish for short.

Many of the dragonborn raised in the Forgotten Realms have a deep hatred for true dragons and Ish is no exception. Ish himself, only a young dragonborn at the time of these struggles proved himself worthy and a honorable foe by thwarting the attack of two adult Dragons; Metamorphoses and Blade Licker.

These treacherous, villainous creatures carried a deep rooted vendetta against Ish’s father (but that is a different story). Early one crisp fall morning and with the help of a turncoat that had infiltrated Ish’s family lair posing as a needy farmhand, Metamorphoses and Blade Licker were able to compromise the compound’s formidable defenses undetected and feasted upon the sleeping family.

The enraged dragonborn would not stop until this devil dragon lied in front of him, scattered into severed pieces of scale, bone and flesh. Blade Licker’s claws thrashed widely as he was being cut down to scraps scarring Ish across his forehead and down his right cheek in the shape of a scythe. Ish named this scar vengeance. This scar acts as a warning devise and has saved Ish countless times from sneak attacks

Unfortunately Metamorphoses was able to elope into the dense surrounding forest and disappear. For the past decade Ish has searched for this miscreant and vows to chop off his head and tail and make an incredible meal out of these appendages and to dine on these dragon parts in front of his families crypt.

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