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The Realms have changed…

Magic and the Gods have ravaged the Realms over the last 150 years. The fabric of the prime material plane has been altered. Other realities, dimensions, and planes are now closer aligned and Faerun has seen new races previously unknown thrive.

He has been waiting for you.

3/28/2009 The beginning…

The group quested into Seven Pillared Hall below Thunderspire mountain. Each traveler has brought their own reasons to venture below, but all share a common goal to investigate the deeper evil festering in the long lost Minotaur City.

The group uncovered a slave operation and routed the Bloodreaver gang in the Chamber of Eyes. During the rampage, Duergar were encountered and appear to be purchasing slaves for some foul purpose.

The Ordonator Arcanis provided the location of the Duergar Grimerzhul Clan’s stronghold: The Horned Hold. An ancient minotaur fortress of the deep, seated on the edge of cliff that falls away into an endless nothing.

The Ordonator Arcanis seems intent on silencing the slaving problem the Duergar have created. The Ordonator spoke of being certain artifacts of Myth Drannor are regularly passed through The Horned Hold before being traded to the world below.

The Ordonator is pleased to be allied with the party against the Duergar and is willing to provide information to assist with penetrating the Horned Hold.

Belendithas of the Dusk was sighted in Seven Pillared Hall within the last 4 days.

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